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Have you ever had a bad injury at the gym? Unfortunately, getting injured while lifting weights, it’s a very common thing. Most definitely more than it should be. Carefully read this article that clarifies the 5 biggest mistakes that populate the weight rooms, and how to stay away from hurting yourself.

1- Weight is too heavy. Don’t make excessive increments. As the time progress, training always requires a different stimulus to be productive and continue to reap the benefits from it. Overload is likely to be the most important factor in this regard. However, the most common error is to increase the weight beyond your capabilities, this is the cause that leads to improper lifting techniques and strain on the muscular tissues and joints. Most of the time, increments, should be made by 5 to 15%. An exception for beginners that can achieve faster improvements, with the ability of lifting the weights, due to the new neurological adaptation that occurs between the brain and the muscular system.

2- You are lifting too fast. Use a deliberate slow movement fashion, reduce the speed of the movements and you will minimize the risk of injuries on your tendons and joints. A cadence of 4 seconds up, 2 seconds hold at the peak contraction, and 4 seconds down on the lowering phase is a good recommendation to train safely with no momentum and any worry of injuries during your set.

3- You are bending or over-arching your back. Keep your abs tight ALWAYS. If you contract your abdominal and engage the core musculature, it creates stability of the lower back and prevent any harmful movement for the spine. The risk associated with this, is the compression of the disks between your vertebrae that will likely create pressure to the nerves to the concerned area and lead to inflammation. Make sure you engaging your core till the last rep although it is the most challenging one.

4- Stop holding your breath. This is one of the most common mistakes. To hold your breath won’t take you any far with your goals at the gym, it has different side effects that will negatively impact the outcome of your workout as well.

One of the most dangerous side effects of holding your breath, is that it causes an increase in blood pressure, thus it can potentially be dangerous for people suffering from this condition already. In this regard, It is hazardous to individuals with cardiovascular disease as well.

An other risk correlated with poor breathing techniques is an increase in inter-cranial pressure, which induces to EIM (exercise induced migraine), a very painful sensation that can last until seven to ten days. Lastly, you can’t train at 100% of your capabilities and squeeze the most important reps required for muscular adaptation, since your muscles miss the oxygen necessary for energy production.

5- Do not compare yourself to other people. Do not look yourself in the mirror and want to be like someone else around you. The purpose of physical exercise is to improve your own physique, enhance the quality of your life, and feel great with yourself. Be humble, push your body beyond the limits of the comfort zone, become more muscular, stronger, healthier, and mentally strong. Do it for yourself and your own sake.

If you adopt these 5 basic tips to your exercise routine, you will make major improvements and the quality of your workouts will be better. Exercise and your own self-development is an ongoing process that never stops; it is a mistake to think that you achieved your best condition and best version of yourself. Regardless your level of experience in the gym, and in life too, there’s always a margin for improvements. Always be critical with yourself and strive for excellence at all times!