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About me

Growing up in Italy, I was always a very active kid joining various recreational sports. Soccer was my favorite but as a teen, I suddenly stopped playing and started eating junk food. This spiraled into a very unhealthy lifestyle overall and as my grades slipped, I lost focus and interest in all of my other hobbies. My life was ruled by a constant state of negative thinking.

This continued even after I graduated college and landed my first job, as an official adult, building furniture. I was excited to pay off my school debt and start saving for a car and house. However, I soon realized I didn’t love my job and it wasn’t very rewarding. I felt stuck once again and turned back to unhealthy eating and zero physical activity.

It actually got so bad that it drove my parents to force me out of their house and fend for myself. I was raised by typical strict Italian parents who sacrificed everything for our family so this type of old school tough love was exactly what I needed to get back on my own two feet.
I was out of options and it forced me to grow up and make some serious immediate changes. I found a therapist to help me deal with my negativity and other issues. Within months of turning 23, I decided I wanted to work on my physique and get back to healthy eating. This was the first major life change that I took charge of. “Mens sana in a corpore sano” in Latin translates to “a healthy mind in a healthy body” and I was ready to do just that.

I got my first gym membership in 2013 and ever since health, fitness and nutrition have become the focus of my life. I was educating myself and took my first personal training certification soon after. A new passion arose for me and I was eager to work in the physical training industry and help others overcome their unhealthy negative routines in life!

To accomplish and realize my big goals of helping others, I knew that Italy was not the right place to be, so I decided to move to Toronto in 2013. I worked as a cook for a few years while I pursued multiple courses specializing in science-based resistance training. I am now certified in IART, HitUni, ARFC and HITA, which have all helped in creating my training method.

Today, I run a one-on-one personal training and online coaching business. I am finally doing everything I have dreamed of and couldn’t be happier. I love helping my clients achieve their fitness goals and improve their lives. Coaching others through the transformational process that I once struggled with is truly fulfilling.

Whether you are new or experienced in exercise I know that the skills and dedicated hands-on approach I provide will have profound positive effects on your life.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you change your life for the better.
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