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About logik fitness

My story.
 My Mission.

As a fitness clinician, I adopt a very efficient and scientifically based approach to exercise. I offer supervised one on one exercise sessions addressing all my clients needs and special conditions, with the intent of improving their body composition and fitness level, help them to achieve successfully new goals with limited time invested. 

Growing up in Italy I was always a very active kid, doing recreational activities and constantly playing outdoors. All of this was very normal for me and soccer was the only sport I truly enjoyed with my friends in school, after school, all the time. I loved it.

Within months of turning 23, I decided that I wanted to work on my Physique and get back to healthy eating.

This was my first major life change that I took charge of “Mens sana in a corpore sano” literally translated to “A healthy mind in a healthy body”

I got my first gym membership in 2013, and ever since, health, fitness & nutrition have become the guiding light and focus of my life. This new focus in life is extremely evident today










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