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custom workout plans

For an exercise program to be efficient, it has to be tailored to the individual’s needs as much as possible. It also has to be strategically planned and have a rationale behind it in order to fulfill your fitness goals as fast as possible. 

Although our bodies share the same physiological mechanisms, we have different ways to cope with stress (the exercise stimulus). As a consequence, everyone has a different response to it and it is my expertise, with your cooperation, to understand what works best for you. I can say that individuality is the fundamental principle that many programs don’t take into consideration, utilizing “cookie-cutter” templates instead.

I’m serious when it comes to my clients’ goals. I take them personally and I want people to succeed in the gym and in life, whether it is through fat loss, improving body composition, enhancing energy levels, etc. I will be there for you!

I’m looking forward to coaching you on how to achieve your best physique ever and reach your fitness goals faster.

how it’s done

I’m going to collect as much info as needed from you in order to develop the best strategy for YOU and your unique needs.

Exercise selection will be crucial to achieve your personal goals as fast as possible. I will carefully prescribe exercises and protocols that you will benefit from.

I won’t recommend any gimmicks that will hinder your progress and compromise your joint health.

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